Coming straight from Singapore, SAYVERE is here to heat up the winter with the release of the epic trap banger ‘Roman’. The track will be released on February 14th on Super Snacks Records. Ominous undertones open up to epic brass stabs that create a grande trap sound palette. The drops are earth-shaking, fierce and violent. Metallic samples conjure images of swords and spears clashing in a sea of bronze helmets adorned with crimson tufts. ‘Roman’ balances between a battle-inspired soundscape and a festival heater for a sound that’s sure to destroy any stage it is played upon.

“The first idea that came to mind for this song were the huge brass stabs at the beginning and it sounded like something that would be heard in the background of an epic battle. I thought of the Roman Empire and all the wars then decided to go along with the vibe and paint a spectral soundscape.” - SAYVERE
RELEASE DATE: 14/02/2020 - SS007