Bringing together a handful of talented producers, Electronic label Super Snacks is treating music lovers across the globe to a range of tracks that celebrates the brilliance and musical diversity of Singaporean artists in a special compilation album. 

With a long track list of groovy, intricate music, the EP, +65 REMIX VOL. 4, is a symbol of creative teamwork and cultural unity as a star-studded line of Singaporean producers/DJs have come together to inspire and support each other. 

The typical minimalism and versatility of Evanturetime – aka award winning Singaporean producer Evan Low – works beautifully on his remix of multi-faceted artist Elsa Mickayla ’s track “Keep Me Guessing”. The track is groovy and self-confident, leaving a lasting mark with its booming presence, earworm melody and seamless production. 

The textural experiments and grounding moodiness of Singapore-based electronic music producer/DJ, Intriguant, elevates the pop-leaning tendencies of rising multi-hyphenate talent YAØ ’s track “Scenery”. Merging his love for R&B-Pop, Hip Hop and his early-career romance with Japanese City Pop, Ythrows a sprinkle of his genre-blending flair into the EP with this track. 

With the signature melodic edge of the Pandasaurs – aka Perk Pietrek and Lincey – the remix of enigmatic artist SAYVERE s track “Roman,” delivers a solid bass with an anthemic and appropriately flashy flair. Bringing his penchant for energetic and catchy productions, Lincey – who quickly catapulted to fame after launching his career at the tender age of 21 – brings his inventive musical touch alongside Perk Pietrek ’s distinctive passion to the emotive, expressive track. Born out of an established producer's desire to fully express himself in his craft, SAYVERE, comes together with Pandasaurs to present a perfect sense of artistic relief via music and dance on his offering. 

Remixed by Owe Money Pay Money (O$P$) , Pretty Havoc. ’s robotic, bedroom punk rock stylings on “Goddess,” rounds out the EP with its lo-fi, hazy sonic arrangement which crescendos to brilliant, halting finish. 

About this compact yet sonically expansive EP, Jay Kwek, Label Manager, Super Snacks notes : “We would like to recognise the efforts and creativity being put out on the music streaming platforms for all of us to expand not only good vibes but also aspiration to anyone that wants to be an artist, go forth and to be chasing your dreams." 

Whether you’re new to the Singaporean Electronic/Hip Hop scene or you’re a veteran fan of the genre, Super Snacks is doing what it does best with this EP – bringing people together as easily as the notes of music flow. 
RELEASE DATE: 07/08/2020 - SS008