Renowned Singapore-based producer Perk Pietrek has returned with another edition of the acclaimed genre-spanning remix series on his label Super Snacks, and this one is bigger than ever.

The first two versions of the series featured Perk Pietrek on remix duties while taking on songs from artists like Theodora, Joie Tan, Narelle and more. With +65 Vol.3, the remix series has evolved and includes a new cast of rising producers alongside Perk Pietrek to showcase their unique remixes.

The concept for +65 Vol.3 is based around electronic dance producers from Singapore remixing songs from local vocalists and hip-hop groups in their city, helping to highlight the talented music scene in Singapore that continues to grow and gain attention from music lovers across the world.

Included is a house remix by Perk Pietrek of The Analog Girl that features a steady beat throughout the track, Foxela bringing a fresh take to the R&B anthem “Lust” by BOYINSPACE and Kelly Tia, a heavy dubstep remix by VITICZ of “Crowd Control” from the hip-hop group Unknown Radicals, the empowering vocals of Linying’s, “All Of Our Friends Know” remixed by Lincey, and Kinnie taking on the R&B jam “Thotalina” by $aint.
RELEASE DATE: 09/08/2019 - SS005